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Mason-the-MonkeyMason the Monkey

Mason is very peaceful. He loves picture books and bananas. He can't wait to start school so he can learn to spell banana. He is happiest when he spends quiet time to look at his books with his little brothers and sisters.

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Dylan the Dog

Dylan likes to make others smile because he knows, sometimes, a smile feels as good as a hug. He loves to tell funny stories and make funny faces so his friends will laugh. He spreads happiness everywhere he goes. His friends call him Happy Dappy Dylan!

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Lucy the Ladybug

Lucy is very artistic. She likes to color, draw, dance and sing. The thing she loves the most though, is to spread love by flying through the night sky sprinkling colorful, love dots on everyone she sees. What a beautiful sight!

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Olivia the Owl

Olivia is really smart. She's so smart that she knows everyone is different and has their own special gift to share with the world. Her gift is that she sings beautiful songs that make all the animals in the forest feel safe and happy. Olivia is always very supportive, accepting and encouraging to her friends.

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Ellie the Elephant

Ellie is allergic to peanuts. At snack time, she has yummy treats that are peanut free so she doesn’t get sick. She loves to share and often shares her special snacks with her friends. They all think Ellie has the funnest food!

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Thai the Turtle

Thai loves playing basketball. He knows by never giving up and being part of a team, he can do anything. Even though his shell makes it hard to play, he helps his team make baskets by letting them bounce the ball off his shell. Thai makes playing together really fun for all of them.

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Sammy the Snail

Sammy loves collecting different colored rocks. His favorite rock is bright red and perfectly round. Usually, it takes Sammy a long time to find just the right rock but, he's very patient and takes his time. Sammy also loves helping his friends and he's always very patient with them too.

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Betty the Bird

Betty is a great friend. She loves to bake cookies and share them with her friends. She’s caring, loving and helpful and always sticks up for anyone who needs help. She teaches her friends not to bully others and also stands up for them when they are being bullied.

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